Sundays Are For…

Sundays are for slowing down, for that post-run haze that lasts well into the afternoon and inspires seeking out a warm sunny patch for reading, dozing, breathing. Sundays are for bread baking and pizza making, kitchens swarming with warm smells and […]


T-Minus 2.5 Weeks

What can I say, it’s a stick your finger in the jar of peanut butter kind of a day! Are you as tired as I am on this otherwise lovely Wednesday afternoon? Last week was my peak training week, and […]


Winter Slowdown

The phone rings, too bleary-eyed to make out the time on my alarm clock, but at this hour I know it can only mean that we’ve been blanketed in snow overnight after all and that the school system has decided […]

Is it spring yet?


2016 has been quite the new beginning for me so far, and as I sit here sipping a big, hot mug of tea, it seemed like to perfect time to reflect on it all. After three plus years of dealing […]